About us

About us

Hello, my name is René Smaal, I come from Holland and I’m crazy about Switzerland. For more than twenty years I have been selling second homes in Switzerland, enjoying the Swiss mountains, the panoramas, the Swiss wine, the clear air, the privacy, the discretion and even the Swiss people…. as long as you respect and accept them as they are. That means “live and let live” and behave and stick to the rules ! In return you’ll experience the quality of Swiss life.

Because of its nature, its independence and its central location in Europe without being a EU member , I call Switzerland therefore “the most beautiful island in Europe”. Not the cheapest land but for sure the land where you get value for your money. The same applies to the value of the second homes in Switzerland, for years solid and stable…..like the Swiss themselves.

I really like to share my enthusiasm and knowledge about Switzerland with you.

Kind regards, René Smaal

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